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On-site TRUMETER Calibration Services

The following is a breakdown on the costs involved for Associated Agents to physically do an in-house calibration on the TRUMETER length measuring machines. Those machines that are eligible for calibration are the models 2000, 2010, 2070, 70S, 70KT, 2020, “Old Style Carpet” machine, and 2200 Senior measuring unit.

In plant service involves a micrometer measurement of measuring wheel, calibration match-up of machine measurement to that of a certified/traceable measuring tape, calibration “sticker” on each machine complete with serial number of machine and date of calibration.

$75.00 per machine (with a $400 minimum order) for labor charges

$70 per machine for Certificates of calibration and calibration stickers (Certificates will follow approx. 2 weeks after calibration work is performed on site)

* In order to calibrate machines to specifications it may be required to change worn or damaged parts. Commonly replaced items include the following:

T-32H 9” circumference measuring wheel for 2000, 2010, 2070, 70S, 70KTor 2200 - $106
T17X Nip Assembly for 2000, 2010, 2070, 70S, 70KT or 2200 - $203
18” Circumference Measuring Wheel for Model 2020 Carpet Machine - $300
27” Circumference Measuring Wheel for Old Style Carpet Machine (U-51) - $350
T-28L (Light) or T-28H(Heavy)Tension Springs for Nip Pressure - $7.75 Each

Note: It is possible that due to reasons beyond our control such as damage to counters, bent shafts, broken gears, etc. , we may not be able to calibrate the machine in the field. It may be necessary to send the unit back to Trumeter’s home facility in Florida for repair. At which time a calibration can be done on the machine and returned.

Prior to calibration visit customer must provide model and reference serial numbers for the Trumeter machines requiring service.

Associated Agents reserves the right to change labor charges due to difficulties encountered in removal or re-installation of machines. Customer will be notified of any such changes in price structure prior to service done.