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For good measure count on us!


If you are looking for COF Testers, Compression Testing, Tack and Adhesion, or even pulp sheet making or yardage meters, please call or send us an email today. We have been working as manufacturers' representatives for over fifty years. Our new "Z" directionl tensile tester comes completely programmed and ready for testing, right out of the box. This machine sells for 1/2 the price of our competition. We have gained great knowledge of many different products, applications, customers and suppliers, in the field of Testing Measuring and Counting instruments. This experience allows us to recommend and supply the correct instrument to suite your needs the first time fom one known and trusted supplier. We await your call, and remember.....
"for good measure count on us"  

.  NEW LINES  (Tappi Wet end sheet machines etc.) (Tensile, caliper, friction.. thousands less than our competitors) (box and ECT compression testers / speed dryers) (micrometers good price great value)  (Handheld moisture meters widely accepted by the paper industry for dry end moisture checks) (lab flutters and cutters mfgr the original CCA machine)     (quality solutions for Board-Packaging Paper & Pulp Testing)    (pulp and paper testing instruments)   (length measurement, timing and counting machines) (fabric and leather testing instruments, custom machinery builder)    (force measurement, stands and gauges) (sealing machines, laboratory heat sealers) (gauges / precision measuring machines) (materials testing, abrasion and stiffness)